Monday, June 23, 2014

County Council Meals/Snacks/Refreshments

Recently we've heard in the news that Montgomery County Councilmembers don't have County credit cards.  Lest you think that County Councilmembers are going hungry, the annual meal, snack and refreshment budget for the County Council is $7,000.

For contrast, we note that the Montgomery County Inspector General's meal, snack and refreshment budget is $100.

We have also posted the Council budgets for local and non-local travel and conferences, and the budget for telephones and cell phones. See the images below.

Montgomery County Council Meetings: Meals/Snacks/Refreshments

Montgomery County Councilmembers offices:   $4,000
Montgomery County Council Staff Operations:  $3,000

Montgomery County Inspector General:  $100

County Councilmembers and Staff Travel and Conference Budgets:

County Councilmembers Telephones and Cell Phones Budgets:


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