Friday, June 27, 2014

MCPS Windfall for Algebra 1B Failures: Summer Class Costs $300 Per Student!

The Parents' Coalition had already heard from MCPS parents that there was a serious problem with the Algebra 1B exam scores prior to today's announcement.  

The parents were being told that their child failed the MCPS semester exam for Algebra 1B and that in order to advance to the next level of math in the fall their student would have to re-take Algebra 1B in the summer.  

Here's the catch.  Summer school is NOT FREE!  MCPS charges students $300 per summer school class. 

Hundreds of Algebra 1B students are now being told to re-take the class over the summer in order to pass the MCPS semester exam.  Taking the class in the summer will cost each of those students $300.  

Somehow the MCPS Press Release and The Washington Post have been unable to cough up that important detail. 

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