Monday, June 2, 2014

Richard Montgomery HS Artificial Turf Field: Why Is It Fading in Spots?


  1. We know why the artificial turf at Richard Montgomery High School is fading. No surprise here.

  2. Is this artificial turf field 4 or 5 years old now? over a million dollars and it cant even last that long? Warranty is 8 years. As PC documented - this one had to have about tons of tire crumb added early on when the tire crumb started disappearing (to where?). A well constructed natural turf field intelligently maintained with good drainage installed would be still going strong AND cost relatively little to renovate if needed because soil is alive and ...grass grows! But plastic and tire crumb must be replaced. How much will this cost? Where will all this plastic and tire waste go? Recycling of these fields is a myth. Insanity is doing the same thing over adn over again and expecting a different result. We all need to insist MCPS NOT ignore and NOT plow ahead with paving the rest of the MCPS fields with these expensive disposable plastic plus tire crumb rugs on rocks. Shame!

  3. And given the recent cancers showing up among especially young adults who have played soccer on artificial turf much of their lives - it should concern everyone - many known carcinogens and hundreds of other potentially toxic compounds are purposely added to plastic and tires during manufacture.Where is all this plastic and tire crumb/ dust going as it breaks down under the kid feet, hands, faces, mouths....?
    To be honest- tires were never created to be pulverized and come in intimate contact with our children. They were created to be tough enough to ride on roads without breaking down. The very characteristics that allow them to do that are what make them damaging when pulverized to get all over our kids, cars, homes, waterways, soil.....


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