Monday, June 23, 2014

Starr's Dinner Buddy Critiques Board of Education Members

Grafton Street Pub & Grill, Cambridge, Massachusetts
In the MCPS credit card receipts that we obtained for Superintendent Joshua Starr there were two meals in Boston with someone named Gislaine Ngounou. Why was Superintendent Starr paying for meals for this person? No one knew, until today.

Today, the Board of Education released a memorandum from Gislaine Ngounou.  In the memorandum Ms. Ngounou is listed as "Doctoral Resident to the Superintendent of Schools."  Did anyone know there was a doctoral resident in MCPS?  The MCPS website does not list such a position.

Here are the receipts for the meals that Superintendent Starr charged on his MCPS credit card that list Gislaine Ngounou as his dinner guest.

This credit card receipt is not accompanied by an itemized receipt to show what was purchased.  All we know is that $47.66 was charged to the MCPS Operating Budget for a meal at the Grafton Street Pub & Grill in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 16, 2013.

On May 19, 2013, Superintendent Starr charged another meal with Gislaine Ngounou at the Boston Airport.

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  1. And the content in the memorandum helped this woman receive a PhD at Harvard? It's drivel, all navel-gazing that gets at nothing meaningful or actionable.


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