Monday, June 16, 2014

Student Orders $91.63 Room Service. Charges MCPS Operating Budget.

Hilton room service
Once again, we thank NBC4 for making select Board of Education expense reports public. Included in those documents were the expense reports for 4 Student Members of the Board of Education.  One student member, John Mannes, submitted 62 pages of expenses for his one year in office.

Included in the expense reports of John Mannes was a receipt for room service at the Washington Hilton while attending the Federal Relations Network Legislative Conference. That's one of the Washington, DC meetings that Board of Education member Christopher Barclay also attended and stayed overnight at the Hilton.

While at the Hilton Mr. Mannes ordered room service for 2: strip steak and short ribs.  Cost of that meal for 2 was $91.63.

But, wait. It gets even better.  While at the conference at the Washington Hilton, Mr. Mannes traveled 4 miles back to the Maryland/D.C. border to eat at Maggiano's in Chevy Chase for $27.32.

And you paid for it all.


  1. This conference ran from 1/27-1/29 and didn't begin until 1 pm on the first day, apparently.

    Why was he in the hotel the night of 1/26?

  2. he couldn't have taken the Metro to the Conference and gone home at night?

  3. Who was the other person eating Room Service on the AmEx card? Surely Mr. Mannes didn't eat BOTH the steak and the short ribs? And aren't they supposed to put who they were eating with on the receipt....? And who approved this charge?

    1. Especially given there were 2 sodas...

    2. Especially given there were two sodas...

  4. Why not ask Mr. Mannes via ?

  5. Could it be that it was his chaperone?


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