Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why Superintendent Starr and BOE Member Barclay Must Feed Councilmember Hans Riemer

The name of Councilmember Hans Riemer appears in the MCPS credit card records of both Superintendent Joshua Starr and Board of Education member Christopher Barclay.

We asked Councilmember Riemer, who makes $125,000 a year, why did his meetings with Starr and Barclay require that food be purchased out of the MCPS Operating Budget.  Here's his answer as posted on Twitter.

Thanks to Councilmember Riemer for responding! 

3/20/13 $38 First Watch Restaurant, Rockville Hans Riemer and Christopher Barclay

7/25/13 $32.12 Woodside Deli, Rockville, MD Hans Riemer, Brian Edwards, Joshua Starr and 1 other

Now the use of MCPS procurement cards for restaurant meals makes sense!  Teachers, please continue buying classroom supplies out of your own pocket.  Councilmember Hans Riemer needs to be fed out of the MCPS Operating Budget to do his job!


  1. Because Mr. Riemer is a (self-described) "progressive" politician (as he never tires of reminding us), we can only conclude that it must reflect his "progressive" values to take taxpayer money that is intended to benefit children, and use it to feed politicians pulling down six-figure salaries.

  2. Food as a yoga exercise! Relaxing!

  3. who's minding the store?June 10, 2014 at 11:19 AM

    Elected officials should not be dining out in Montgomery County at public expense. It is clear that School Board members (not just Barclay) have believed for a long time they were entitled to feed themselves as a benefit over and above the low salaries they are paid. The taxpayers would not agree. That's why MCPS is trying so hard to shield this discussion from the public. It's much, much more than just Chris Barclay.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq7xP382FZg

    1. Lyda, Interesting video clip of a hotdog eating contest... I assume you are trying to draw an analogy between glutinous foodies and elected officials, who pig-out at taxpayer expense. Yes?

  5. Would you like to know what MCPS supplies teachers at trainings, meetings, workshps, etc? Nothing. Not even bottles of water. I guess we don't need to relax, strengthen bonds and work more effectively.

  6. Hans just lost my vote.

  7. Voters need to take a Hans off approach.


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