Sunday, June 8, 2014

WPost Editorial: Maybe the board [of education] has something to hide.

Montgomery school board closes the door on an inquiry into alleged misuse of public funds

THE MONTGOMERY County Board of Education oversees one of the nation’s largest school systems, along with a budget exceeding $2 billion. It’s a big-league school board guiding a big-league school district. So why is the board’s leadership behaving like minor leaguers? 
Faced with a garden-variety scandal involving one of its members using his county-issued credit card for personal expenses, the board had a choice: It could launch a policy review, operate with maximum transparency and present the public with all relevant information, or it could assume a defensive crouch, operate in secrecy and act like it has something to hide. The board chose the latter course...

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  1. In other words, this a case of Robin Hood in reverse.


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