Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Exclusive: E-mail from JWMS Principal "We're ready to go."

The Parents' Coalition has obtained MCPS e-mails concerning a proposal (again) to put a cell tower compound on the Julius West Middle School playground.  

The October 9, 2013, e-mail from the principal, Craig Stanton, to MCPS' Real Estate office shows that the principal does not understand the law that must be followed in order to construct a cell tower compound on the Julius West Middle School playground.  A community meeting to present the plans is not optional, it is mandatory.  The vote of a "PTA" is meaningless to the process that must legally be followed to construct a cell tower compound in a neighborhood. 

Now try and reconcile the e-mail from the JWMS principal below with the statement from MCPS in this August 6th Gazette article. Which version of the PTA response is the truth? 

If MCPS principals want to be in the cell tower construction business it's time for them to learn the law, and then follow it.  


  1. It's a no brainer... that's the principal, not the tower.

  2. Why are principals becoming landlords of property they don't own!? This should be brought before the BOE and voted on with public input. MCPS is sneaky regarding cell towers. Making cell towers about money is also a bunch of hooey after the expense reports of BOE members were brought to light. Our school system is not hurting for money, it just isn't being funneled to the schools and teachers that need it the most!

  3. BOE is preoccupied with its own internal disciplinary policy, so it's going to have to wait.


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