Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Daily Record: Election watchdog raises alarm over duplicate voter registrations

Elections Integrity Maryland has identified 43,983 voters who were registered in Virginia and Maryland, some of whom voted in both states in 2012.

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and more coverage at this link...  14,646 duplicate voters flagged in Fairfax, Maryland


  1. “In Maryland, voter fraud is a misdemeanor and therefore won’t cause the fraudsters to lose their ability to vote,” Kelleher said.
    IOW two wrongs do make a right.

  2. Please be aware the these MD and VA "watchdogs" are fronts for True the Vote, which promotes voter suppression legislation by stirring up fears of voter fraud.

    1. Was there voter fraud or not? Here in Montgomery County we can barely get anyone to vote as it is. Are there actually people that vote in both jurisdictions while our legal voters stay away from the polls?

    2. Allegations of voter fraud should of course be investigated, but the likely scenario here is household moving between states and mishandling their change of voter registration.
      But again, the important point is that these MD and VA watchdogs are not actually struggling to protect the integrity of voting outcomes. They are trying to create fear of fraud in order to promote legislation that will limit voter access to the polls. You can find lots of information on True the Vote with a simple web search. They have particularly targeted African Americans. They were subject to a congressional investigation of voter suppression in 2012. Their fear mongering should no simply be reported without comment about their goals and tactics.

    3. So what you are saying is that people that move vote more than the people that stay in one place? Because we have a serious issue here in Montgomery County with people simply not voting - at all. Your point is that if people moved more, they would vote more! They'd even vote in multiple places? So let's not just get out the vote, let's get people moving! Great plan!

    4. It sounds like they're voting coming and going.

  3. "The inmates are running the asylum?"


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