Wednesday, October 15, 2014

" of the most dynamic and visionary school leaders in Maryland, Joshua Starr..." #nobid #gallup

This article has now been reprinted in a New Hampshire newspaper.
...Compare this view with one of the most dynamic and visionary school leaders in Maryland, Joshua Starr, who is attempting to be a model disrupter by sponsoring the Gallup organization’s survey of students’ dreams. The thinking is that if educators can know and understand young people’s dreams for their futures, then the curriculum and instruction provided through schooling can be designed to support their manifestation.
Now that is 21st-century thinking...

Sponsoring? Is that what we call no bid surprise contracts these days?


  1. I'm delighted to see that Joshua Starr is known in New Hampshire. Perhaps he has been up there interviewing for a new position...

  2. Was the author Jonathan Swift?

  3. Please take him NH. He wants to get rid of the white teachers in Mont. County and replace them with teachers of color because he believes that black children can only learn from black teachers. We don't need segregated schools in our county. Black kids can learn from anybody just like white kids.

    1. Of course, this is an anonymous comment. Feel free to sign your name to your comment. Nothing stopping you from owning your words.

      If kids can learn from anybody then what's the problem with having a teaching staff that reflects the population of the county?

  4. What we don't need is a fleet of school buses, clogging up the main arteries during rush hour, to transport students from one end of the county to another. Better planning and judicious use of existing facilities and resources can reduce the commuting time of many students, who by the time they arrive at their destination are too exhausted to learn.


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