Monday, November 17, 2014

4 More No Bid Crumb Rubber Plastic Football Fields on Order for MCPS. That's $5.2 Million Diverted from School Maintenance Needs

One ton of crumb rubber.  Each field gets 120 tons of crumb rubber.
MCPS loves their no bid, crumb rubber, plastic grass football fields!

They love them so much they buy them without Board of Education votes, without competitive bids and without RFPs.  Why shop when you can have a vendor that you just love?  (Oh, and a vendor whose lobbyist was Roger Berliner's former law firm.)   

On Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 1 PM a BOE committee will discuss the artificial turf football fields that are already on order.  It turns out that Wheaton, Seneca Valley, BCC and Poolesville High Schools are already getting MCPS paid for artificial turf football fields. Churchill? Sorry, your field is in litigation and you don't get a MCPS paid for field anyway. 

How did the BOE decide which high schools get a taxpayer paid for no bid, crumb rubber field and which one's have to find a "partner"  and do their own fundraising?

When did the BOE vote to automatically include a no bid, plastic grass field at every high school modernization?

When did the BOE decide that no bid, crumb rubber plastic grass football fields were more important than routine school maintenance?  

Any schools with crumbling ceilings, leaky roofs, dangerous hallways, inaccessible buildings, deteriorating classroom trailers, broken lockers, unusable classrooms, mold, or unsecured walkways?  Sorry, those repairs can just wait. MCPS needs $5.2 million for plastic grass filled with ground up, used truck tires that only lasts a few years and then has to be replaced.


MCPS no bid, crumb rubber, plastic grass football field projects already in planning, design, and construction process.

Wheaton/Edison HS (FY 2018 Completion)

Seneca Valley HS (Completion 2020)

Bethesda Chevy Chase HS

Poolesville HS (FY 2017 planning, FY 2023 Completion)


  1. Just think how many more Chromebooks we could buy with that artificial turf money..... @.@

  2. Likely not so much MCPS needs $5.2M as Martin O'Malley needs to keep his campaign contributors happy. Follow the money.

  3. And march to this tune:


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