Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Exclusive: Joshua Starr Refuses to Meet with MD Enough Abuse Campaign

This letter was sent to Joshua Starr one year ago today from the Maryland Partnership to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse (MPPCSA), the state level partnership that runs the Enough Abuse Campaign.

"I would also like to schedule a time to meet with you to discuss MPPCSA’s available resources to assist MCPS in assessing your current policies and practices and developing comprehensive strategies to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse within your schools."

To date, Superintendent Joshua Starr has not met with the Enough Abuse campaign Maryland State partner.  
It's been a year since they requested this meeting.  
Isn't it time for Superintendent Starr to meet with the Enough Abuse - Maryland partner?


  1. The people of this county keep electing the same officials, like lemmings, and when things go awry they get riled up for a while until the next time.

  2. This is a "National" story driven area. People here don't care about local politics. I'd bet the farm if you did a random interview with people on the street, like "Jay Walking" you'd find people don't know who anyone is below Governor, and many probably don't even know who that is. Even if you spotted them a choice of names.

    1. Until they become the victim, then there is an uproar and a wild goose chase to pin the blame.


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