Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Greenbelt City Council Votes to Oppose Cell Towers on Public School Land

At the November 24, 2014, meeting of the Greenbelt City Council, the Council voted to oppose the location of cell towers on public school sites within the City of Greenbelt.  
Below is the discussion of this agenda item and the Greenbelt City Council's unanimous vote.

Petition to Oppose Locating Cell Phone Towers on School Property Reference:       Articles

At the Council meeting of October 27, 2014, Theodora Scarato petitioned the Council to oppose the placement of cell phone towers on Prince George’s County Public School (PGCPS) property.  In 2011, PGCPS entered into an agreement to lease property to Milestone Communications for the possible location of cell phone towers.  According to news reports, over 70 schools have been identified as potential sites including Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Greenbelt Middle School, and Turning Point Academy.

Included in Council’s packet are a number of articles related to this topic including when parents opposed to the use of school property appeared before the School Board, an information piece on cell towers from Anne Arundel County Schools as well as information from an Anne Arundel County parents group opposed to cell phone towers on school property, and an article on the Federal Communications Commission view on cell phone towers.

According to the information, there is not conclusive proof that cell phone tower locations on school property are dangerous.  However, there clearly are parental and group concerns, including the Prince George’s County Chapter of the NAACP which has gone on record opposing the placement of cell phone towers on school property.

Council direction is sought.

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