Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MCCPTA Shuts Out Dues Paying Members from Yahoo Discussion List

This is the message that PTA members got last week.
Last week, MCCPTA deleted dues paying PTA members from the MCCPTA Yahoo discussion list.

For over a decade, dues paying PTA members could participate and read the MCCPTA Yahoo discussion list, but all that ended last week. MCCPTA deleted everyone from the Yahoo group that wasn't part of the MCCPTA inner circle. 

MCCPTA is no longer interested in keeping dues paying PTA members informed about the workings of this countywide organization.

It's really not a surprise.  Since around 2009 MCCPTA Presidents have been sitting on the MCPS budget committees and signing Confidentiality Agreements swearing that they will not reveal the MCPS back room budget discussions to their members.

PTA members, how is MCCPTA representing you behind closed doors? MCCPTA isn't telling.  

Parents just remember, according to MCCPTA the less you know the better.

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  1. Not at all surprising. Have you seen the standing rules developed starting in 2010? The only way to bring an issue before the Delegates is via the Board of Directors. If they don't like what you have to say, no one ever hears it.


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