Friday, November 7, 2014

More Letters go out to MCPS Schools

Additional letters have gone out to more schools notifying parents that John Epps, Jr. worked at those schools, including Briggs Chaney Middle School, Ridgeview Middle School, Tilden Middle School, Paint Branch High School, Montgomery Village Middle School, White Oak Middle School, Pyle Middle School, Julius West Middle School, and North Bethesda Middle School.  Below is the letter that was sent from the principal at Paint Branch HS, Dr. Myriam Rogers. Still no statement from MCPS Superintendent Josh Starr.

Epps was arrested in 2010 and was found guilty of second-degree assault in 2011; he had been arrested on sex-related offenses as far back as 2001.  Yet he was working for MCPS until recently.  Check your child's backpack, or ask them if they received a similar letter.

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  1. Is this what they mean when they are talking about 'common core' approach to problem solutions?


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