Thursday, November 13, 2014

On Now: Kojo Nnamdi with A Contentious School Calendar In Montgomery County

Listen now:

Montgomery County’s Board of Education voted earlier this week to remove the names of religious holidays from the school calendar. The board notes that the days off will remain the same given how many staff and students are absent on those days. But the decision is a contentious one, both for those who’d like to see the days recognized as religious holidays, and for Muslim groups who lobbied to have their own holidays added to the calendar. We explore the issues.


  • Philip Kauffman President, Montgomery County Board of Education
  • Matt Bush Maryland Reporter, WAMU 88.5
  • Patricia O'Neill Member, Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education
  • Saqib Ali Director of Government Relations, Council on American Islamic Relations, Maryland Chapter; Co-chair, Equality for Eid Coalition; Former Member, Maryland House of Delegates (D- Dist. 39, Gaithersburg)


  1. three-ring circus

  2. Maybe Starr and the BOE could re-implement a religious holiday calendar schedule, by taking a lead from Homer Simpson and refer to all holidays using a "ChrisMuJew" naming system. This should make everybody happy!


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