Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Peeping Hoover MS Janitor STILL Employed by MCPS! @mcpssuper

Convicted peeping Tom re-arrested for molesting family dog, still employed by MCPS

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  1. They are in the process of interviewing the victims multiple times.

  2. We need a new superintendent, one who will ensure that the school system will not tolerate behavior that could harm students.

  3. Meanwhile the authorities are making room for him on the list:

  4. I remember when PG county began having bad superintendents. They did nothing. They renewed their contracts and watched their school system go downhill. Those with brains got the heck out of that dump.

    I was much younger and recall conversations about how that would never happen in Montgomery County. The citizens here would never tolerate that for our children. The parents here wouldn't stand for less than the best for the nation's brightest children. Now, the best superintendents probably wouldn't look our way after the fiasco create by this BOE and the miscreant we have posing as a superintendent.

    It's the people who make the community and the standards for the school system are a reflection of the parents in our community.


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