Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Report: Leggett Asks County Council to be Cautious on Spending

...During a Tuesday meeting with MCPS officials, Del. Kathleen Dumais (D-District 15) asked school leaders to recognize that state representatives are working to obtain additional school construction funds from the state. The conversation was recorded by The Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County, a watchdog group that monitors school spending and controversies...



  1. Not to worry, just double the bag tax.

  2. The just don't care about your money..

    Farquhar Feasibility Budget for Site Work - $5,655,000.00

    Farquhar Accepted Bid for Site Work - $9,000,000.00

    I'm sure the rest of the scope comes in under budget. Certainly the site work and demolition on the existing school site will. Oh wait, those numbers weren't even in the original budget!

  3. Leggett is 'cautiously' giving away our tax dollars to his cronies. That's how that works.

  4. Now Leggett proposes giving $198,000 annually, plus bennies, to a new crony, to 'streamline' the development process. Oh, those poor real estate developers! They need someone to help them make their way through the system. I wonder who Leggett owes. Guess we'll see after the 'nationwide' search. Those of you who voted for Leggett, please step up to pay my property taxes, which are going up 15% in the next year or so. yours too. Hope you enjoy floating the cronies in this government.

  5. Note: NO ombudsman for public school parents and students. That position was wiped out by the Apple Ballot fav Shirley Brandman years ago. MCPS parents, you are on your own.


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