Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What MCPS Administrators Say on the Conference Circuit

The MCPS Director of Transportation was in Kansas City, Missouri in November at a transportation conference and here's what he had to say about MCPS. (How much did this "vacation" cost taxpayers?)    
“In the period I’ve been at Montgomery County (since 1996), we’ve had zero fatalities on school buses, yet we’ve had several fatalities among student walkers. Different things have led to situations when kids have been injured or even killed. Often we’ve found students either walking with earphones or texting while walking,” Watkins told STN. “The reality is, if we could get students to act more safely when they walk, I think many of these (incidents) could be prevented, so that’s the target of the [YOLO] campaign.”
 Transportation Chief Turns Attention to Student Pedestrian Safety at NASDPTS 


Here's what MCPS students had to say about MCPS' YOLO Campaign.


  1. So the Montgomery County government chooses to put the blame on pedestrians. Good to know. So much for the 'pedestrian-friendly, walkable' communities B&*S!@ coming out of Leggett's mouth.

  2. For crying out loud. Sometimes, just sometimes, it IS the pedestrians fault. That's why fences on median strips have sprung up along New Hampshire Ave, Great Seneca Hwy and other major roadways. Because some pedestrians don't want to go to the crosswalks but instead think they can run across the street.


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