Monday, December 8, 2014

BOE Members: Should Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Matter?

Back in 1999, Montgomery County was looking for a new superintendent.  The Board of Education released the name of Elfreda Massie as a finalist for the position.  But, two days after the announcement the following happened: 
Elfreda W. Massie bowed out yesterday as Montgomery County's leading candidate for school superintendent, just two days after revelations of her personal bankruptcy filings stunned school board members and threw her candidacy into a tailspin...

Now in 2014, a Board of Education member and spouse are facing foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings.  Do these proceedings matter to the ability of a Board of Education member to serve in their position?

Can a person in bankruptcy hold a position of trust?   

Would you want them to be your financial advisor?

What about the due diligence of the other Board Members who know or should know about this matter?

Or do they? 


  1. Have you seen all of the liens and judgments against BOE member Rebecca Smondrowski and her husband Ken? These folks NEVER pay their bills It's no wonder the Smondrowskis were living high on the hog at MCPS expense.

    1. Next Board of Education Vice-President or President.

    2. Consider looking at voting records as well: Rebecca Smondrowski did not vote in the 2008 or 2004 primaries. The first time she voted in a primary was 2012, when she was able to vote for herself.

  2. As much as this blog likes to mention the Rotten Apple Ballot, she was not endorsed by MCEA


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