Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Council Waits Two Years to Address Sexual Abuse of MCPS Students by Staff

MCPS K-2 music teacher Lawrence Joynes was first arrested February 28, 2013!

There has been NO response from the Montgomery County Council to the 2013 arrests of this MCPS teacher on charges relating to creating pornographic videos from K-2nd grade MCPS students IN HIS MCPS CLASSROOM and the additional charge of RAPE as to a MCPS middle school student.

There has been NO response from the Montgomery County Council to the failure of the Montgomery County Board of Education to update their 26 year out-of-date Child Abuse Policy.

Only now is the Montgomery County Council's Education Committee scheduling a Committee meeting (not full Council meeting) for February of 2015.
No rush. Children's lives are at risk, but they can wait another two months for a Committee meeting. What's a year or two in the lives of children?

This teacher was left in MCPS classrooms for years AFTER repeated complaints! This teacher was ONLY removed from MCPS because HOMELAND SECURITY intercepted an e-mail to a now convicted child pornography dealer in North Carolina.  

Recent arrests of MCPS staff and contractors has shown that NOTHING HAS CHANGED in MCPS to protect children since the February 28, 2013, arrest of this teacher. 

Here are just two media reports on the Lawrence Joynes arrests:

More than a dozen girls fell victim to a veteran Montgomery County music teacher who faces charges of sexual abuse and rape, authorities say...

Read more: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/08/lawrence-joynes-charged-with-child-abuse-sex-abuse-of-a-minor-rape-92675.html#ixzz2br8M1uhc

Since Joynes’s Feb. 27 arrest, parents have questioned whether school administrators were watching him closely enough. Two parents said in interviews that they had told school officials about incidents they considered inappropriate. One reported that Joynes asked a child to call him “Daddy.” Another said the teacher made comments in front of second-graders about a relative being a drug addict. A third parent said at a school meeting that he had complained about Joynes, but did not describe his concern. School officials said publicly that significant action had been taken in that instance. 

Mr. Joynes trials are now scheduled for the Spring of 2015.

To read all of the media reports on the Lawrence Joynes arrests and to keep apprised of court dates, click this link and scroll down for the Lawrence Joynes link. 

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