Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Joshua Starr and Casey Anderson are meeting on a regular basis

Who knew? 

How does this work? Casey Anderson is one member of a public body, yet he is having meetings with the public schools' Superintendent to discuss collaboration and issues? 

Let's hope no one is trying to circumvent the Maryland Open Meetings Act.

See bottom of Page 2 of this November 17, 2014, memorandum from Superintendent Joshua Starr to the Board of Education.


  1. When the Planning Board makes decisions on subdivision plans, site plans and project plans, it is subject to ex-parte provisions that restricts its members from speaking on these issues outside the public record. Residents who wish to express their views on these issues should not attempt to communicate directly with members of the Planning Board, but should submit oral or written testimony for the public record. Letters may be submitted in advance of the public hearing and will be included in the public record.

  2. I wonder if this has anything to do with Dr. Starr's desire to tear down a school building (i.e., the Blair G. Ewing Center, formerly the Mark Twain School) to make way for a school bus parking lot? That would require rezoning the site, which means going before the Planning Board.
    If such discussions are indeed taking place ex parte, that sounds very illegal...

  3. Ms. Sartucci, I know you know how Montgomery County works. No one in county government, including the Planning Board. "is subject to ex-parte provision." That would mean the Planning board members, including Casey Anderson, would be required to follow the law. The county government does what it damn well pleases.

  4. "The county government does what it damn well pleases." And us damn fools keep re-electing them.


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