Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MCPS Needs 33-37 Developable Acres for New Bus Depot

The County Executive and County Council are kicking MCPS off their current Shady Grove bus depot land. 

MCPS needs to find a new place to park 400 school buses.

According to information supplied to the Montgomery County Council on February 11, 2013, MCPS needs 33-37 acres of developable land in order to replace the existing Shady Grove bus depot.


  1. Phenomenal--MCPS knew of the bus depot issue by at least early 2013. Several months later, MCPS entered "into a contractual agreement with the architectural firm of Hord Coplan Macht, Inc. to provide feasibility study services for the Blair G. Ewing Center facility improvements project for a fee of $36,200." And, a year and half later, MCPS wants to tear down the school (rendering the feasibility study pointless), pave over a $790,000 athletic field, and move the alternative middle school/high school into a former elementary school embedded in a quiet, and very residential, neighborhood. Wow.

  2. Yes, and, as this blog has documented, MCPS was considering the bus depot issue as early as 2006.


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