Friday, December 5, 2014

"One thing I want to acknowledge and own is that it was a misstep for this student to be sent back to class."

...[Principal] Barkley says she was so focused on trying to protect the student that she didn't initially consider that there could be other victims.
Since the case has gone public, other students have made complaints about Pineda, although no additional charges have been filed.
Barkley says she knew she had to speak out about the situation at her school after news came earlier this month that a contractor at Baker Middle School in Damascus had been arrested and charged with inappropriately touching a 12- year-old girl.
Barkley says another mistake was made at Roberto Clemente the day the student reported the accusations to a staff member during lunch.
"One thing I want to acknowledge and own is that it was a misstep for this student to be sent back to class. A contributing factor for the child's return to class that day was the day's alternative schedule. This does not in any way excuse that mistake, but it does provide important background that it was an alternative schedule for that day."


  1. Voilà! It was a procedural error.

  2. The incompetence and neglect is astounding. This is the result of the continuation of lowering the standards for professional employees in MCPS.

    Years ago they dropped the minimal standard of basic math and grammar skills testing for teachers because they wanted to increase the number of minority hires. They have since lowered the standard for leadership requirements, focusing less on years of successful experience, and recruiting from the best schools to hiring family members and friends and increasing diversity.

    There is nothing wrong with increasing minority hires, but hiring the best qualified should be the number one priority.

  3. Time to hightail out of this county and leave it in the dust.


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