Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rock Terrace School Teachers Have Safety Concerns, Request More Support

The following statement was received by the Parents Coalition on Monday, December 8.
Article 9 of the Montgomery County Education Association union contract states that we "must provide a safe, respectful, and affirming environments for all." Rock Terrace has done their job
of doing this for the students but has failed at doing this for the teachers.
This year alone by September there were 11 workman's compensation claims filed and
that's only the ones that were reported. Teachers have suffered bites resulting
in infection repeatedly, teachers have sustained concussions from being head
butted and punched. Current Rock Terrace School Administration, Superintendent Joshua Starr, and Director of Special Education Gwen Mason have
been made aware of these safety concerns and yet injuries continue to occur.
Recently a pregnant teacher who had previously expressed concern for her safety
was kicked in the stomach. Staff are scared to come to work and report feeling physically
and mentally unable to perform their jobs.

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