Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Unused and Wasted Classroom Space in MCPS

The Washington Post forgot to include the facts below in their article on classroom trailers today

Entire school about to be demolished:

Empty MCPS Middle School Sits Right Next to Elem. School with Trailers

Entire wing of MCPS middle school unused and handed over for FREE to private company:

Empty space left to rot in MCPS school building:

And let's not forget the entire public high school that our County Council, Ike Leggett and Annapolis Delegation worked very, very hard to give away for free while 10,000+ MCPS students were in classroom trailers! 


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  1. Why isn't the former Spring Mill Elementary School, now used (mostly?) for administrative offices, re-purposed back to being an elementary school? Given that the building hasn't been used as such since 1975, it likely would need extensive renovations or to be rebuilt entirely, but surely having Spring Mill back as an elementary school would relieve the over-enrollment at Glenallen, Arcola, and Kemp Mill ESs. Those schools collectively have enough portables for another elementary school.


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