Monday, December 1, 2014

Will Council Discuss Failure of this Publicly Funded Program to Serve Students with Learning Disabilities?

Montgomery County Council
Joint Health and Human Services and Education Committee meeting.
December 8, 2014
9:30 AM

HHS/ED 9:30 AM - 7CHR
Dec 8
• Discussion - Unaccompanied minors
Discussion - George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Academy services and policies 



  1. Yes, "technically" the GBTLA doesn't serve students with disabilities. However, I am a special ed teacher in MCPS and I know personally that students who receive special ed services do attend.

    1. "Technically" ??? Are you serious?

      You claim to be a MCPS teacher and you are confirming blatant discrimination by the tax payer funded organization?

      You have reported this discrimination to the what agency? Oh, none?

      Disgusting. Here's hoping you aren't an actual MCPS teacher.

    2. I think 6:27 is saying she/he knows of students who have been deemed eligible for special ed services that have also attended GBTLA. My understanding is that GBTLA does not make a special effort to identify MCPS special ed students and then make a specific effort to prevent those children from enrolling. For example, I think it could be the case that a child was receiving special ed services at their local MCPS school for a specific area like phonemic awareness and then also enroll in GBTLA for math help without GBTLA realizing they were in fact "special ed" students.

    3. They are still discriminating.

      Students with special education learning needs are still denied access to this program. That's discrimination.

    4. I am an mcps employee and a mother of a son with learning differences. A number of years back he was eligible for the Humanities Magnate, being gifted/ LD we had problems because the head of the magnate said they did not have to abide by his IEP because he had been "invited" to attend the Magnet program. We ended up going a route involving legal support because they also insisted that he had to be in the gifted math classes cause that was how humanities magnet worked, even though his disability is discalcia. and just as an additional issue that had recently made public, his teacher Mr. Joynes, you may have read has been arrested and pleaded guilty to rape and underage sex.

    5. Lawrence Joynes has not pleaded guilty to those counts. Those trials have not even been held yet. Mr. Joynes' trial for rape and his trial for making child porn with MCPS students are both coming up this spring.

      The only thing Mr. Joynes has been found guilt of to date is possession of child pornography. The Parents' Coalition covered that Baltimore County court proceeding.

      Mr. Joynes has been held in jail for the last two years awaiting these trials. When Mr. Joynes was transferred to Montgomery County from Baltimore County he was DENIED bond. That means he was put in the classification of the most dangerous criminals in our criminal justice system. He was given absolutely no opportunity to get out of jail prior to his trial He must sit in the county jail until he either enters into a plea deal or goes to trial on these 39 charges.

  2. I am in fact an MCPS teacher. Maybe I shouldn't have said technically. However, students who receive special education services are not being denied entry to the GBTLA. This is a non-issue that you are perpetuating. If you could provide an example of a student that was denied entry, I would be pleased to bring the issue up to the organizers. That would be actual "discrimination".
    Trust me, as an MCPS employee I am quite frustrated with many aspects of MCPS and all of its various decisions and policies. However, I think our time is better spent debating actual issues, rather than manufactured controversies.
    I respect you a great deal and very much enjoy reading this site, just would like to see a little bit more civility.

    1. Don't trust you at all. You don't seem to be able to click a very obvious link in the post.

      So the man in this video is making up this issue? (Note - he's NOT the first person to experience this. He's one of many.)

      This IS an actual issue. It's really insulting that you insinuate that this is a manufactured issue.

      Disrespect on top of discrimination.


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