Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Will Joshua Starr seek another four-year term as superintendent?

...O’Neill said Dec. 10 that, in the upcoming year, she will lead the board as it addresses big issues such as the school system’s need for more school construction money and “the tremendous uncertainty of the operating budget process.”
The board will again take on the issue of possibly changing school bell times, after Superintendent Joshua P. Starr submits potential plans in January, O’Neill said.
Another task ahead, she said, is considering Starr’s contract renewal should he tell the board in February he plans to seek another four-year term as the school system leader. His contract expires in June 2015...



  1. The BOE should be telling this loser to start looking for new employment. Instead he is pulling the strings.

    1. He's making around $300,000 a year. Why would he leave?

  2. This reinforces the maxim: "The less you do the more you make."

  3. It is too bad mr star can't see the forest for the trees. Maybe when our kids on playing in virtrual play grounds he will see the benefit of pArks


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