Monday, January 5, 2015

Breaking News: Starr and Kauffman, Moving Around Subs After Complaints #enoughabuse #porn

Does your child have a substitute teacher today?

Did you know that a MCPS substitute teacher can look at soft porn websites during the school day?

If caught looking at inappropriate websites during the school day Superintendent Joshua Starr and the Board of Education will only ban the substitute teacher from the one school where they were caught.  

The substitute is free to work in any of the other 201 schools in Montgomery County.

When did Superintendent Joshua Starr and the Board of Education decide that teachers get to view soft porn websites during the school day?  Why do MCPS computers permit this access?
Why do MCPS employees that engage in this activity get to keep their jobs?

The Parents' Coalition learned of this MCPS practice from litigation filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court.  In the case that we found, a MCPS substitute teacher sued Superintendent Joshua Starr and Board of Education President Phil Kauffman, in part, because the teacher had been removed from the MCPS substitute roster for looking at an inappropriate website during the school day.
The substitute teacher had been caught by STUDENTS.

In the litigation file, a letter sent to the substitute teacher on January 24, 2013, shows that the teacher was removed from the substitute list for Kingsview Middle School, but allowed to STAY on the MCPS Master Substitute List! 

Only when there was a second complaint at Northwest High School in May on a different incident was the substitute teacher removed from the MCPS county-wide substitute list.

Don't miss the last paragraph of the May 13th letter from the MCPS Director that says, "...I am directing you to decline further assignments, as you will not be compensated."

Wait - a substitute teacher can be removed from the MCPS substitute list, but still accept a substitute teaching assignment? How would such a person be allowed to enter a MCPS school? 

In the first document below are two letters on MCPS letterhead showing how a substitute teacher can be removed from one school, but allowed to substitute in all other MCPS schools. 

The second document is the Complaint from the Montgomery County Circuit Court file that details what happened in this case. 


  1. What are the MC legal authorities doing about this morass that the taxpayers are supporting?
    Does anybody really care or it is not within their realm?

  2. Gosh, I'm shocked...given that Daniel Picca kept teaching for 17 years after he should have been fired.


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