Friday, January 2, 2015

Gazette Letter: A plan for fixing school crowding

Dan Boyd of Gaithersburg suggests the following in his letter to the Gazette: 
...I suggest the following to address the problems:
a) End the “Maintenance of Effort” fiasco so that the county (and other counties) may exercise some savings to the taxpayers.
b) Assign specific line items in the budget to MCPS for which they must identify funding sources (No funding, no item!).
c) Close a school(s) — just as MCPS does for a couple of inches of snow — to further enrollments if the school has reached the maximum safe population as judged by the local fire marshal. Think “maximum seating” signs in restaurants and “lot full” signs at Metro parking lots.
d) Allow builders/developers to bid on the design, construction, funding and owning of schools, then negotiate a rental agreement between the builder-developer-landlord and MCPS for a 20- to 30-year term, after which MCPS can renegotiate a new lease with improvements or leave for a different school/location. Bonds do not have to be written and sold! Upfront costs are built in to the lease...

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