Thursday, January 15, 2015

MD Law Says One Thing, Montgomery Co. Child Services Says Another: Don't Let Your Kid Outside

The government loves your kids more than you do. Or so it seems to believe. How else to explain a government worker visiting a Maryland [Silver Spring] mom and threatening her with a fine and jail time for letting her kids play outside? Here's a letter she wrote me describing the terrible child abuse she committed:...


  1. Why is the tag "Lawrence Joynes" on this post? Because we are waiting for The Washington Post to do an in depth story on how MCPS allows known child abusers to stay in classrooms with students. How MCPS for decades has simply moved around known child abusers and kept them in classrooms without ever alerting parents to the danger that was present daily in their child's classroom.

    1. you should add "daniel picca" as a tag

  2. Typical of a gang that can't see straight and loves to bark up the wrong tree.

  3. Since the government can no longer guarantee the safety of its citizens, but thrives on reactionary tactics and intimidation let's barricade ourselves indoors and homeschool our children.


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