Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WPost: Montgomery County schools chief’s tenure in doubt

The future of Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua P. Starr appeared to be in doubt as the eight-member Board of Education prepared for a Wednesday executive session to discuss renewal of his contract, two county officials with direct knowledge of board deliberations said Tuesday evening...


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  1. There should have been specific objective criteria/measures for this moron to meet before just handing him this position again. He has been a failure for 4 years. Students failing exams and just being passed along because he lowers the standard. He has no plans, no vision, lacks leadership, and has hired a crew of unquestioning lackies to lead his regime.

    The BOE is no better. When Starr's brainless equity director presented information about the progress on the achievement gap, the only intelligent BOE member to ask about concrete data was the student board member! Of course the answer to the question was that there was no hard data. Four years and no real data, but Starr insists on more taxpayer funding for failed hogwash.


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