Wednesday, February 25, 2015

BOE Opposes bill placing law enforcement officers in all MD public schools

Montgomery school board supports bill requiring IEP translation services

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  1. Providing translators of language and the use of technicians who can work machines that translate for categories such as deafness is the law almost everywhere else statewide(it is considered what is called reasonable accommodation,... not only in schools but are mandated in doctors offices as well. The translators are hired as needed and many of the Obamacare insurances actually reimburse private medical and dental practices for the service and translator. I'm glad to see that what is mandated under subcategories of Civil rights laws is taking a slow but proper step in the right direction in Montgomery County.. I'm just saying all along that money should not be wasted defending avoiding what is law. Use it to improve enforcement of all children's rights and if the Board gets with the program they will see if they look hard enough and care enough that often there are many programs the Feds match in many education areas that are unused due to lack of knowledge of their existence by administrators. The Board should check with the State about such opportunities. Some children have social workers assigned to them . Ask their managers how they get funding for interpretation. Start working with the rest of the world, find ways to navigate the system(that can be used for rather then tossing money at lawyers who should know better than resist the heavily voted on and passed ADA that affects almost all families at one time or another. . I have lived in a number of States from North Carolina in the army to New York and New Jersey and I got to say a lot of folks let themselves get upset when they can file complaints by researching which state division would best handle their problem, It may take time but you as parents have a right to have at least peace of mind that you are really doing something for yourself and trying. Anyone with child problems...... don't be afraid to file complaints. This is the United Sates of America last time I looked up at my flag. Don't let folks who think they control you from the Board on down make you upset or sick, You will be surprised how high up in State and Federal government you can be heard with just your one voice. Pick up you phone and dial someone when you need it. We are on the edge of making this County...with so much to offer folks who move here...shifting from a defensive mode vs. law to an advocate mode. will make everyone in the area proud of the headlines of the future telling of great progress being made and maybe even leadership in these areas.


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