Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BOE Pres. O'Neill Says Open Meetings Act Violation was "Staff Mistake"

Maryland law states:
§3–211. (a) If the [Open Meetings Compliance] Board determines that a violation of this title has occurred: (1) at the next open meeting of the public body [In this case, the Board of Education] after the [Open Meetings Compliance] Board has issued its opinion, a member of the public body shall announce the violation and orally summarize the opinion; and (2) a majority of the members of the public body shall sign a copy of the opinion and return the signed copy to the Board. (b) The public body may not designate its counsel or another representative to provide the announcement and summary.

[ ] added to explain parties

At the February 10, 2015, Board of Education meeting, Board of Education President Patricia O'Neill announced the January 5, 2015, Opinion of the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board citing the Board of Education for a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

BOE President O'Neill used her statement of the summary of the Opinion to blame "staff" for the violation.

On the date in question, the Board of Education gave only 2 hours and 8 minutes notice for an off camera meeting with a Panasonic Foundation consultant.

The violation of the Open Meetings Act is actually the responsibility of the Board of Education and the Open Meetings Compliance Board was very clear on how the incident should have been handled.  From the Opinion:

The full Open Meetings Compliance Board Opinion can be read at this link.


  1. The BOE staff members who are responsible for publicizing meetings are:

    Mr. Ikhide (Roland) R Ikheloa
    Chief of Staff |

    Ms. Suzann M. King, Esq.
    Staff Assistant, Policy and Communications

    Have any sort of reprimands been issued to these staffers?

    1. Previous "mistakes" by Mr. Ikhide (Roland) R Ikheloa:

      Mr. Tire

  2. Impeach them! Recall election! Take them to court! Fire the staff!

  3. And the fall guy is?

  4. I find O'Neill frustrating and wish that she would step down. She's in the pocket of the teacher's union and makes decisions that put teachers first and children last. For her, it's always teachers first. She should really have a position within MCEA, that suits her views more than doing what's best for students.

    I believe that BOE members should put children and community first. MCEA works for teachers, as they should. MCEA puts teachers above students. O'Neill should get her priorities right and remove herself in the best interest of doing what is just.

  5. Mistakes happen. Clearly the BOE should use the Compliance Checklist for Meetings Subject to the MD Open Meetings Law at to help protect itself from future violations of the law.
    The first item on this list is Did you give "reasonable advance notice" of the meeting and retain a copy?


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