Thursday, February 19, 2015

City of Baltimore Hearing on Prohibiting Cell Tower Contracts on School Property

                                     You are cordially invited to a hearing of the
Land Use and Transportation Committee
Wednesday, February 25
1:00 pm
Council Chambers
City Hall, 4th floor
(Picture ID is required for admission to City Hall.)

12-0170 Wireless Telecommunications Antennae - Prohibited Contracts
FOR the purpose of prohibiting contracts or other authorizations for the placement of a wireless telecommunications antenna on property that is owned or controlled by the City of Baltimore and used for the recreation, care, or education of children; defining certain terms; and providing for a special effective date.

Please plan to come and testify.
If unable to attend, please email your comments to the following
committee members:
Council Members
Edward Reisinger, chair
James Kraft, vice chair
Sharon Green Middleton,


  1. You are cordially invited to attend a special Teleconference Meeting (attendance by call-in) on February 25, 2015 at 7:30PM.
    The Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board will meet by phone to discuss legislation pending in the General Assembly and related matters.
    The public may attend by calling this toll free dial-in number - (866) 247-6034 - and entering this conference code: 432-858-8680 #.
    Members of the public are asked to refrain from speaking unless the Chair asks for comments and then to identify themselves clearly.
    1. Introductions; purpose of the meeting (Monica Johnson, Chair)
    2. Review of pending legislation (the Board)
    a. HB 583 (agenda bill)
    Bill text:
    b. HB 264 (adding certain General Assembly subcommittees to definition of
    public body)(hearing was held on February 18)
    Bill text:
    c. Other pending Open Meetings Act legislation, if any
    3. Methods of commenting on legislation (the Board)
    4. Board’s timetable for proposing legislation for future legislative sessions
    5. Adjournment (Chair)

  2. Picture ID NOT required for attendance.

  3. This hearing has been postponed.

  4. Open Meetings Compliance Board special meeting Wednesday 02/25/15 7:30 P.M., toll free dial-in number - (866) 247-6034 and enter conference code: 432-858-8680 #.
    Agenda here -
    Teleconference Meeting video here -


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