Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ex-Stamford schools chief Starr repeats early exit in Maryland

...In Montgomery County Starr was criticized for bungling a decision on whether to change high-school start times and for his handling of sexual-abuse incidents on school grounds.

A substitute teacher and a contractor who'd worked in multiple schools in Montgomery County were arrested in separate incidents and charged with touching pre-teen girls on campus. But parents did not learn about the arrests until weeks later. When the district finally wrote a letter to parents, more students went to police with similar stories.

Since he left Stamford, Starr has been noted for his insistence on hiring Donna Valentine as principal of Stamford High School in 2010. Problems with Valentine surfaced a year later, when the four assistant principals went to Starr with concerns about Valentine. One was that they believed she improperly handled a student's complaint that a teacher had touched her breast.

Starr's response was to transfer three of the assistant principals. Then, in 2014, Valentine was arrested and dismissed for her handling of another incident involving sexual contact between a teacher and a student...


  1. Surrender Dorothy. Your starr has fallen. Admit and move on.

  2. "In Montgomery County, Starr was credited with improving SAT scores and graduation rates, and boosting Advanced Placement classes."

    No he isn't. He had no concrete plans for addressing the gap, just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. MCPS needs to clean house and hire a superintendent who has a plan for closing the gap, not just a plan to talk about it.

    From Washington Post:
    "SAT results improved for the Class of 2012, although many of those students took SATs before Starr arrived on the scene or while he was just beginning his work; for the next two years, average combined SAT scores were flat. On SAT scores, the gap from 2011 to 2014 remained about the same for black students and widened for Hispanic students.

    "...improved graduation rates are linked to the Weast era — investments in pre-kindergarten and scientifically based reading instruction that are paying dividends, for example."


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