Sunday, February 8, 2015

In 2008, Stamford schools weren't reporting any child abuse cases

Joshua Starr was the superintendent of the Stamford, CT public school system from 2005 to 2011.

...The Advocate reported earlier that the district has discussed tracking DCF reporting since 2008. Back then, Polly Rauh, who was then chair of the Board of Representatives' Education Committee, undertook a review of mandated reporting policy. At the time, the district's reports were characterized by the state agency as very low compared to other municipalities.  
Stamford Police Sgt. Joseph Kennedy and then-Lt. James Matheny testified before the committee in 2008 that "they investigate many child abuse cases, and none come from the school system," according to the meeting minutes...


  1. There's no doubt that he, as well as many other administrators and BoE members have mishandled and/or buried their heads in the sand on this issue, providing furtive ground for predators to operate at MCPS. I hope with Starr's departure, we see a cultural shift within MCPS, and that that shift signals a change in priorities within Montgomery County communities as well. Then we can start the push towards prevention and real safety.


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