Monday, February 2, 2015

Joshua Starr Skips Council Mtg on Sexual Abuse of Students

Why bother attending this meeting?

It's only about the 17+ arrests of MCPS teachers, staff, substitutes and contractors since Superintendent Joshua Starr took over MCPS. 

It's only about keeping students safe when they attend public school. 

Nothing important. Everyone can just ignore this issue.


  1. Any excuse given for Starr's absence from this very important meeting? Was it to 'spend more time with family'? Oops. That will be the excuse if he's kicked out.

    1. He is listed on the Memorandum as a panel member. He didn't show up and he wasn't mentioned.

      He was able to Tweet today, so he still has access to technology.

  2. Where Have All the Leaders Gone?


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