Monday, February 9, 2015

MCPS "blight" in Rockville Neigborhood

Do you know where MCPS stores desks and textbooks?
They don't store them in a warehouse. They store them in trailers in a Rockville neighborhood. Some of the trailers are even open to the elements.

Rockville Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton would like to clean up this MCPS "blight" on Stonestreet.

This MCPS property has been like this for decades.

This is how a $2.28 billion school system stores supplies?

Haven't seen this MCPS "storage" facility? Scroll down for two Google Earth images of this storage parking lot.

How would you like to look out and see this as your neighbor?

...She also said she would like to use a “blighted” Montgomery County Public Schools property on Stonestreet Avenue in Rockville, replacing trailers filled with old desks and textbooks with “brownstones fronting Stonestreet with garages and yards behind — adding needed and valuable housing and creating a more comfortable and pleasant walk from the neighborhoods to the Metro and Town Center.”...


  1. Relying on nature for temperature and humidity control. MCPS is going green!

  2. So Montgomery County is forcing MCPS to relocate the bus depot, and Rockville is planning to force MCPS to relocate the trailers? (I imagine the warehouse as well?)

    Um..... Okaayyy.....

    1. You have missed the point of the trailers. There is NO warehouse! The trailers are used for storage.

    2. Sorry, shouldn't have typed distracted. LOL

      I was referring to the rest of the MCPS property across Stonestreet, between Stonestreet and the train tracks; I can't remember offhand precisely what the East Rockville Plan calls for in every single piece of North & South Stonestreet, but it's a pretty big reworking....and those things that are going FROM Stonestreet (and Crabb's Branch, in the case of the bus depot) need to go TO someplace.....and the burden of those has been dumped on MCPS rather than working with them to find alternate locations/circumstances.

    3. Mayor Newton mentions the trailers being used for storage of old desks and textbooks in her statement. It's not clear if she is also targeting the property across the street from the trailers.

  3. Beer tastes on a champagne budget.

  4. Trailers for storage... Trailers for students... Maybe the next superintendent's office can be in a trailer. After all, like Starr, MCPS superintendents have to keep their interests mobile.


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