Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stamford Bringing Back Pre-Starr Principal to Stabilize High School

...Hamilton told the Stamford High staff about Pavia Wednesday afternoon and announced it publicly Thursday after obtaining approval from the union that represents school administrators. The Board of Education must approve Pavia's contract, and the labor committee could take it up next week, Heftman said. School officials cannot hire a permanent principal until they know whether Valentine will get her job back, she said.
Valentine, who was charged with failing to report suspicions of the sexual relationship between the teacher, Danielle Watkins, and a male student, filed a grievance against the school district, claiming that her union contract was violated when she was let go from her job as principal...

Joshua Starr's connection to principal Valentine situation:


  1. "De Toledo wrote that Starr told the assistant principals that complaining about the principal was "a career killer.""

    This describes the culture that Starr established at MCPS. Everyone was afraid to speak up. No one questioned him or his cronies. Some who dared to question or who had too much integrity to remain, left MCPS for other systems.

    The union folks knew he was a disaster but supported him because he protected teachers from more stringent evaluations connecting teacher performance and student achievement. That's it. Otherwise they knew he was inept too.

  2. I hope this does not infer the return of Dr. Waste.


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