Friday, February 6, 2015

Start Time Proposal Includes Longer Elementary School Day


  1. My kids are already WIPED by the time they get home - even the extroverted elementary-schooler. The ONLY way I would even consider supporting a longer elementary day is if there were either specials TWICE weekly (after 3 years each teaching music 2x/week in both Frederick and Baltimore Counties, I was disappointed to see elementary specials only once/week here) or more recess for elementary school. The kids need more down time, the teachers frankly need more planning time during the school day given the expectations not just for teaching and planning but also for data management - but more specials will mean money MCPS won't likely be getting from the State, so double recess, or possibly a longer recess (but multiple recesses for K-2 at least) would be the only way I'd even think about getting behind that.

  2. The extra 10 minutes per day could be time allowed for children to actually wash their hands and then eat lunch. Most times they are rushed to, through, and from lunch.


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