Thursday, February 5, 2015

Technology Issue Reaches Annapolis! Maryland's Delegate Kaiser Takes Action To Protect Student Data Collected

After several conversations with Delegate Kaiser's office, I am happy to report Delegate Kaiser has introduced a Bill, entitled Student Data Privacy Act of 2015

In its current form, the Bill would do the following:

Requiring specified operators of specified Internet sites, services, and applications to protect PreK-12 student information from unauthorized access, implement and maintain specified security procedures and practices, and delete specified student information under specified circumstances; prohibiting specified operators from engaging in specified activities with respect to specified sites, services, and applications relating to targeted advertising; etc.

This is a positive step in working with the schools that are just starting to grapple with this issue after being handed Chrome Notebooks – with no student data protection or roll-out plan for implementation.

On February 19, 2015 at 1:00, the hearing will be conducted for such Bill, which was presented February 4, 2015.  I plan on attending the hearing and have offered to speak on such matter.

If you know any of the Sponsors of the Bill, please email them your support.  The Sponsors of the Bill are: 


  1. Ellen, your continued insistence that Google provides "no student data protection" just goes to show how blitheringly ignorant you are. You really ought to do more research before you make such wild....some would say insane....accusations.

    1. Hey @anonymous from New York! Welcome to Montgomery County!

      Why don't you put some facts where your mouth is?

      Come on, let's hear some actual facts to go with your trash talk. Because down here in Montgomery County, we know what MCPS students have access to through their Chromebooks.

      This proposed legislation must be really threatening to anonymous you, up there in New York. Why is that?

  2. Wow, "Janis"'re an ignoramus also. You want some facts? My kids use Google Apps for Education and are doing great....take a look at this you fool:

    1. For readers, the 10:41 PM anonymous comment is the same source as the 2:18 PM source.

      Both comments are coming from New York where Google has a headquarters office.

      So the Google plan is to simple call parents names and cite to their own website?

      Neither of those responses addresses anything that is actually going on here in Montgomery County Public Schools.

      Paid endorsements have nothing to do with the reality of putting MCPS elementary school children on the Internet without privacy protections in place.

    2. To Anon: "Doing great" on Google apps isn't the same as "their privacy is secure."

  3. So, Google is an undisputed pioneer in "online civility."


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