Sunday, February 15, 2015

Washington Post: Departing MoCo schools chief reflects on short tenure of superintendents

  February 15 at 1:42 PM
Montgomery County’s departing schools chief reflected on his record as leader of Maryland’s largest school system and said that sometimes expectations for superintendents are out of step with reality, according to an exit interview posted online Sunday.
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  1. "Starr, 45, declined requests for an exit interview made by The Washington Post. Montgomery schools spokesman Dana Tofig said Starr did not grant interviews to local media as he prepared to step down."

    Why does Starr need permission from Tofig to give interviews? Who's in charge, Starr or Tofig?

    In any case, as of Tuesday, Starr won't be working for the BOE and Tofig will no longer be his handler, so he won't need permission from Tofig to give interviews.

  2. Yeah. Notice he couldn't be bothered with local media but he managed to make time for NPR. Social justice warrior with national reputation, you know, can't be bothered with the little people. Here's hoping the next superintendent has a commitment to the local constituents and is more interested in running the local schools than building up a national reputation.

    1. That can be taken care of by scrutinizing and tailoring the selection factors.

    2. What selection factors?

      Friend of BOE consultant = hired. Done.

    3. In other words, in MoCo the inmates are running the asylum.

    4. I agree Starr is a seeker of the national spotlight. As soon as he came to MCPS, he sought the national media's attention by spewing talking points that he knew would get him national attention. I believe he did this not because he cares about children but because of his greed and his ego.

      It wasn't enough to go from a 20 school district to an over 200 schools district, he wanted the bright lights and fame of NYC. When that fell through, he sought the continued attention of the anti testing crowd to keep himself in the spotlight while neglecting the students and families of MCPS. He's all air, no substance. Only those who pull back the curtain know the truth.


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