Monday, February 23, 2015

Will Gov. Hogan Vote to Demolish a Usable MCPS Public School Building?

85,400 sq. ft. Ewing School
The Board of Education has voted to put parking for 400+/- school buses on a school site that is currently the location of a 85,400 sq. ft. school building.  The school building is the Ewing School Center and the building is in use today. 

In order to park the 400+/- school buses on this land, the Board of Education will have to demolish the 85,400 sq. ft. school building.

In order to demolish the school building, the Board of Public Works will have to approve the demolition.

The Board of Public Works is made up of the Governor, the Treasurer and the Comptroller. 

Will Governor Larry Hogan vote to demolish a perfectly usable, functioning public school building? How about Comptroller Peter Franchot, how will he vote?

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