Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Breaking News: BOE sets up Secret Group to Decide how to put Public Schools in Commercial Office Space

2009: Sign Violated Open Meetings Act
Once again the Board of Education (BOE) is relying on a secret "work group" to make major decisions about PUBLIC schools. 

Yes, we are talking about PUBLIC schools here. So why is the BOE setting up a SECRET committee to discuss and make recommendations about this PUBLIC issue? 

PTA members, as usual, you are being represented on this secret committee by an unknown person who will not be allowed to tell you what is going on at the committee. 

The PUBLIC? They will not be allowed to ATTEND these meetings, they will not be allowed to see the AGENDAS for these meetings, they will not be allowed to see the MINUTES of these meetings.  The press will not be reporting on these meetings because they will not be allowed to attend. 

This is Long Range Public School Planning that intentionally EXCLUDES the Public.  

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  1. Secret "working group." Is that printed on their T-shirts?


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