Friday, June 19, 2015

Cell Tower Fire Forces Cancellation of High School Football Practice #celltower #milestone

...There were not injuries, and no students were in danger at any time, Pincus said. The high school principal cancelled football practice, due to the fire...


  1. A fire like this on what many feel is a toxic emitting tower can spread to an artificial turf like let's say a football or soccor field and cause a major community fire if not put out in time. A situation where one bad decision leads to another.Very glad school was out at the time. The fumes must be very toxic.

    1. According to one of the news reports the students were in the building and they were taken to the other side of the building while the fire was burning.

  2. Note to Wheaton High School: You ready for this? What's the plan?

  3. It looks like a Bonfire!


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