Thursday, June 25, 2015

Exclusive: MSDE Grants to Charter School. Where Did the $1.2 Million Go? Anyone Got a Clue?

Don't expect the Montgomery County Board of Education to discuss this.  It's only taxpayer dollars. No one in Montgomery County cares about how tax dollars are allocated and spent. 

Former MCPS Elem School today after Charter School Shut Down
The letters shown below document that the failed MCPS Charter School (Crossway) had been given Grants from the Maryland State Department of Education and from the federal government totaling $1.2 million dollars
Where did that money go?
The MCPS Charter School barely lasted one year. 

The public school building that the Charter School was using has had a fabulous renovation since the Charter School closed. Was that renovation paid for with these state and federal funds?

Don't count on the Montgomery County Inspector General or the Montgomery County Council or the Montgomery County Executive to investigate and report on what happened to these state and federal grants. It's only money. They can get more.

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