Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This report is the only comprehensive account of a half-century of abuse and coverup at the Horace Mann School.

On June 6, 2012, when the decades long history of sexual abuse of students at the Horace Mann School was revealed in a New York Times Magazine cover story, the response both inside and outside the school community was unalloyed shock. Questions swirled as new allegations of
abuse emerged in the weeks and months after publication. As the number of alleged abusers rose
to the double digits it became clear that what had happened at Horace Mann was orders of
magnitude beyond the abhorrent occurrence of an individual teacher imposing sexual activity
on a student.
What happened at Horace Mann represents the largest concentration of abusers at a single
institution. Such things do not happen by chance, and the situation at Horace Mann was
enabled by a culture of arrogance and secrecy, aided by individual acts of cowardice and denial
by administrators, board members, and teachers. Thus enabled, abuse was a
llowed to thrive for
decades. This institutional dynamic the tacit collusion of abuser and administrator to keep
things under wraps must be understood, and eliminated, in order to keep our children safe.
There is no safety in secrecy, whether it is at the behest of an administrator, a board member or an abuser. Secrecy aids abusers, harms victims and creates more victims, each one preventable...


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