Monday, July 13, 2015

75 percent of Asian students and 69 percent of white students made the Algebra 1 benchmark, while just 30 percent of black students and 26 percent of Hispanic students did.

Montgomery County students lost ground in algebra and showed no improvement or lagged slightly on five other key measures of math and reading performance, with racial and ethnic achievement gaps remaining wide, according to data for the most recent school year...


  1. Time to go back to the future.

  2. Maybe it's time for Docca to stop making excuses for the incompetent director of equity that she adores and admit he is the problem. She blamed Starr and all he did was do what the equity director told him to do. The gap has been expanding since he took over the position. But because he has family history and connections in the county he is given free reign to destroy whatever he pleases. The county should raise their goals for hiring and stop using the friends and family plan. At least hire someone who knows how to spell his previous job title.


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