Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Breaking: MCPS Deletes Form That Allowed Teachers and Students to Be Alone in Car Together

July 7, 2015 Screenshot of MCPS website
In April of this year, the Parents' Coalition exposed MCPS Form 460-19, Report of Suspicious/Inappropriate Interaction with a Student. 

That form showed parents the relationships that the Board of Education permitted between teachers and students.  The form listed the personal interactions that were acceptable, and would not be reported to Child Protective Services.  Included in the list of acceptable personal interactions between teachers and students was:
  • physical contact of a questionable nature (sitting on lap, back rub, etc.)
  • social communication unrelated to classroom activity (texting, personal phone calls, etc.)
  • excessive time with a student out of the class
  • being alone with the student under suspicious circumstances (room locked and/or dark, in personal vehicle without parent’s permission, etc.
You can read the form at this link. 

As of today, Board of Education member Jill Ortman-Fouse is reporting on Twitter that Form 460-19 has been removed from the MCPS website. 

The elected Board of Education has not mentioned this form in any public meetings. The elected Board of Education body was content to allow this form to continue to be used. 

Thanks to one Board of Education member for speaking out about this horrendous form and the illegal practice that it promoted.  At least the form has now been removed from the MCPS website. 

There is no information on whether or not the practice of hiding sexual abuse of public school students will continue in MCPS.


  1. Now they're in compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act.

  2. And you'd better believe when MCEA reps meet with principals about members' behavior, they are reminded that these behaviors are acceptable.

    So when people start screaming why didn't the principal report a teacher for being alone with students, or for rubbing their backs, they should know that it is sometimes considered harassment of the MCEA member to do so.

    1. So that's why Dan Picca got fired...he didn't fill out the form

    2. At this point whatever works will do.


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